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Belozertsev: Area administration heads to constantly monitor urban improvement progress

17:15 | 04.07.2016 | Communal Services


Penza, 4 July 2016. PenzaNews. The progress of urban employment works must be constantly monitored by heads of Penza region area administrations, the regional governor Ivan Belozertsev said during the governor meeting session on Monday, July 4.

Belozertsev: Area administration heads to constantly monitor urban improvement progress

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The meeting featured reports by heads of the Mokshan, Issa and Lopatino areas of the Penza region.

In particular, the head of the Mokshan area Nikolai Tikhomirov informed that the administration established contact with the public and civil organizations in regards to cleaning forest ground, planting new trees and disposing of flammable dry branches.

According to him, there are dry tree cutting brigades throughout the area, and citizens are able to use them for fire; the works were done not only on the streets, but also along the federal and intramunicipal highways, Nikolai Tikhomirov reported.

In turn, Alexander Kuligin, head of the Issa area administration, told the authorities about the work to improve water fonts, repairs on wells and roads, improvement of urban lightning, upkeep of cemeteries, and attracting investors.

Thanks to those measures, the Issa area repaired 48 wells and water fonts, he noted.

The head of the Lopatino area Rishat Altynbaev informed that his area is holding weekly cleaning Friday events, while administration task forces are closely working with the local population.

Moreover, he reported that the local authorities issued 911 orders to rectify violations, with 85% of the cases resulting in successful rectification.

In a comment on the reports, Ivan Belozertsev reminded that the urban improvement issue was the topic of many requests he received during the live show on May 25.

“Urban improvement is constant work of municipality heads. There must be no breaks in this work,” the governor stressed.

He instructed to rectify the violations discovered by the dedicated task force during its checks held the week before the current meeting.

Also, Ivan Belozertsev urged to establish connections with businessmen to work on improving areas around business locations and the buildings themselves.

“Go there personally, and check. This practice must give the businessmen a push to begin improving their outlook. The responsible municipal officials not working on it will be punished,” the press service of the Penza region government quotes the governor.

As PenzaNews reported earlier, the May 25 live call-in show with the Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev received 812 requests with 843 questions, all of which were officially registered ans reviewed by the head of the region and members of the government.

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