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Winter road repairs machine tested in Penza

17:15 | 15.02.2017 | Communal Services


Penza, 15 February 2017. PenzaNews. Presentation of the Hydrog KS 4400 mobile stirrer, which was bought by the municipal unitary enterprise "Penzadormost" on lease on a 2-years' instalment plan, was held in Lozitskaya street in Penza on Wednesday, February 15.

Winter road repairs machine tested in Penza

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"Last year we had to borrow such equipment from one of entrepreneurs in order to fill all potholes more effectively during the time when air temperature was below zero degrees Celsius. The technology of poured asphalt potholes repairs allows doing this," the Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev explained adding that the viscid substance fills potholes well and the temperature of above +200ºС allows evaporation of moisture.

He added that the mobile stirrer can use the asphalt-concrete mixture prepared at a factory as well as make it itself.

"This machine helps us to fill the potholes that lead to road destruction 5-6 times faster. [...] Last weekend, together with the department of communal services we established the fact that it is necessary to conduct works at the territory of about 7,000 square kilometres, which requires such pothole repairs," Victor Kuvaytsev said.

The mayor specified that the enterprise bought only the equipment itself while the KamAZ car belonged to "Penzadormost" before.

Thermal bunker for poured asphalt is meant for saving the qualities and the temperature of the substance during its transportation from the asphalt concrete factory to the place of repairs. It has the ability to carry out full or partial unloading of poured asphalt at the road surface.

Capacity of the mobile stirrer is 4,400 litres. One batch prepared by this machine allows conducting repairs of the territory equal to 70 square metres. The municipal unitary enterprise "Penzadormost" has two recyclers, one batch of each would be enough to repair only 10 square metres.

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