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Water cleaning and selling machine installed in facade of apartment house in Zarya

10:46 | 29.06.2017 | Communal Services


Penza, 29 June 2017. PenzaNews. An innovative machine that cleans, bottles and sells drinking water was installed in the facade of house No. 112 in Novoselov street in the Zarya neighbourhood in Penza.

Water cleaning and selling machine installed in facade of apartment house in Zarya

Photo: Penza-gorod.ru

As the press service of the mayor's office told PenzaNews, the decision to install the respective equipment was made at a general meeting of flats owners.

"Now the building possesses a system of eight-stage afterpurification, reverse osmosis and subsequent mineralization of tap water. In order to prepare a litre of clean drinking water, the machine must filter and process at least three litres," the city administration explained.

The press service specified that water is bottled in containers with a capacity of 1.5-1.9 litres.

"The price per one litre equals to 3 rubles," that mayor's office added.

The Penza administration noted that all customers' bottles are additionally processed by an ozoniser installed in the machine.

"The machine was bought at a factory that produces filtering equipment and has all necessary certificates of quality and conformance. The storage tank is equipped and disinfected with ultraviolet light. All connecting communications are disinfected with special substances according to a schedule. The drinking water quality is confirmed by results of a sanitary and hygienic microbiological research," the press service said.

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