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Mayor plants lime tree in centre of Penza

13:14 | 05.10.2017 | Communal Services


Penza, 5 October 2017. PenzaNews. The Penza mayor Victor Kuvaytsev together with Alexander Kilgyankin, head of the municipal unitary enterprise Zelenoye khozyaystvo of the Penza city, planted a lime tree in Moskovskaya street near Fontannaya square on Thursday, October 5.

Mayor plants lime tree in centre of Penza

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Altogether, instead of dead trees, it is planned to plant here twelve 6-year-old lime trees, which were grown in a nursery garden.

According to Alexander Kilgyankin, the survivability of the seedlings had been shown to be approximately 80 per cent.

"The root system is good, the ground has been prepared. The most important thing is a good care," the head of the enterprise explained.

According to Victor Kuvaytsev, in the centre of Penza, in Moskovskaya, Kirova, Volodarskogo and Pushkina streets, it was planned to plant more than two hundred new trees.

"We conducted a monitoring: slightly more than 200 circles around the tree trunks remained free in the city centre. Some of the trees died, the others had been cut down. That is why by conducting such a monitoring we selected seedlings that would suit the street. Here, in Moskovskaya street, for example, we are planting lime trees," the head the Penza administration explained.

He added that in Kirova street – where tiles on the sidewalk were being laid – it was also planned to plant trees.

"We made sure that the trees were planted symmetrically on the opposite side. [...] The tiles will be laid around the tree-circles, the seedlings will be planted enclosed by the tiles," he said.

The mayor reminded that the landscaping activities in yards were directly connected with wish of residents of apartment buildings.

"Let them turn to the authorities. We carry out the activities in spring and autumn. We will find a way to support people's initiative. If necessary, we will bring water," Victor Kuvaytsev said.

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