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Two families unwilling to leave 4-storey dilapidated building in Penza

19:25 | 09.11.2017 | Communal Services


Penza, 9 November 2017. PenzaNews. Two families are unwilling to move from the 4-storey brick house with six entrances located at 35 Udarnaya street in Penza and built in 1963, where a balcony collapsed in February, and in June the same misfortune overtook the left ell of entrance No. 1.

Two families unwilling to leave 4-storey dilapidated building in Penza

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One of the families are the Frolkovs: the spouses Maria and Oleg, as well as their 19-year-old daughter, who occupy rooms No. 3 and 5 of the sixth entrance with the total area of 34.5 square metres. Another woman lives in a room of entrance No. 4.

The remaining four entrances – No. 1, 2, 3, and 5 – have no dwellers.

In March 2017, according to a decision of the interdepartmental commission, house No. 35 in Udarnaya street in Penza was recognized as dilapidated and had to be demolished.

According to the latest information, in is planned to resettle the building in 2019 and to demolish it – in 2020.

The vast majority of people have vacated occupied areas in summer. When moving to temporary public housing they received help from the Penza administration.

The Frolkovs were offered two rooms in Leningradskaya street but they categorically refused to move there.

The mayor's office undertook an attempt to resettle those who despite a real threat to life refused to leave their rooms and move to temporary public housing by turning to court. At the same time, in August 2017 the civil proceeding was discontinued because it had been brought in defence of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of other people, while local government bodies do not have power of this kind.

"I was in charge of the house from 2009 to 2012. I know more about this house than others do. I have a lot of papers left. [...] Since 2015 we said a number of times that the building was in a in a critical condition. When it finally collapsed [a part of an ell came down], the authorities started to resettle people to temporary public housing. It was suggested that I moved to the room located at 8A Leningragskaya street. However, the building is in a more critical condition than ours is. If you take a closer look, you will see that bricks in my house are intact, while bricks in the other house are torn in halves," Maria Frolova commented to a PenzaNews correspondent.

She explained that formally the room in Udarnaya street is not her only dwelling because she also possesses a house that has been burnt.

"And if I move to temporary public housing and in case I have to conclude a year-long agreement, I will become formally homeless," the interlocutor noted.

Maria Frolkova added that her daughter had also refused to move to the rooms that the authorities had provided.

"She called me and said: [...] "Mom, I will not leave the house even in case bricks start to fall on my head. I will not move to the temporary public housing," she said.

At the moment, building No. 35 in Udarnaya street and the yard territory are surrounded by a blind fence made of corrugated steel sheets. A security guard is constantly of duty there taking care that strangers do not enter the territory. He refused to let PenzaNews journalists into the territory pleading insecurity of the constructions.

According to Maria Frolkova, a variety of methods is being used to force other people who still live in the dilapidated house to leave the building. One of them is disconnection of supply pipelines. According to her, there is no heating in the house and the temperature where she lives does not exceed +10ºС.

"When people started to leave the house, many marauders appeared – they stole windows and batteries [heating radiators]. Only few dwellers took theirs with them when leaving. [...] I am the only person in this part of the house who has batteries. Everything could be restored if the issue is taken seriously. I have already consulted," Maria Frolkova said.

In the conversation with the correspondent, she also expressed confidence that in case of a possible collapse of the building she would not get obstructed by wrecks because her pets would allegedly warn her about the upcoming danger.

"The animals will warn me at least three days in advance: Hey, it is dangerous to live here, get out of this place," the resident of the house explained adding that today experts say one thing, tomorrow they will say something different, whereas animals cannot be cheated.

Maria Frolkova refused to specify what kind of animals she keeps at home. According to the security guard, these are two cats, as many dogs, as well as a couple of goats.

Commenting on the present situation, the head of the Communal Affairs Department Andrei Grishin reminded that the primary task of the municipality is to ensure security of the inhabitants but there are no legal grounds that would allow moving the remaining people to another housing and they make use of this fact.

Speaking of the supply pipelines, he stated that "no one disconnected anything".

"[The electricity] system has been destroyed there. These are owners who are in charge of restoration of heat supply. [...] They should make a decision about repairs at general meetings. Moreover, who is going to pay for it? 99% of the residents have left the house because they understand the danger. Why do they have to pay for those who do not want to move? It is quite logical," Andrei Grishin said.

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