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Streets covered with puddles and mud as thaw sets in Penza

13:15 | 02.04.2018 | Communal Services


Penza, 2 April 2018. PenzaNews. Active melting of snow accumulated during the winter started in Penza streets as thaw set in the city.

Streets covered with puddles and mud as thaw sets in Penza

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Both drivers and pedestrians experience inconveniences.

Drivers have to think over their routes carefully in advance not to get in a flooded area. Even though communal services are accountable for round-the-clock work, in some cases the measures give only a temporary effect.

In particular, in Kalinina street one can see cars driving through puddles pouring water over pedestrians on sidewalks and other vehicles.

According to local residents, the repairs carried out in 2017 within the priority project Safe Roads of High Quality failed to save the roadway from large concentration of water.

The risk of getting into a pothole, the number of which is rapidly increasing every day, has also become bigger.

Sometimes it is impossible to notice a defect in the roadway – potholes cannot be seen under water.

The situation is even harder for pedestrians.

At the areas where snow melts more actively, sidewalks and paths got fully covered with water. In this regard, citizens are increasingly changing shoes for rubber boots.

Puddles also covered the sidewalks where the snow has not melted completely. Walking there residents can not only get their feet wet but also slip.

People also experience great discomfort when crossing the road: water often accumulates on the roadway near the curb, that is why it is impossible to step onto a pedestrian crossing without getting into a puddle.

Some people in this situation prefer to violate traffic rules.

A difficult traffic situation is observed in those streets where Penza residents have to cross the roadway in two stages, for example, in Prospekt Stroiteley street. People have to wait for a green light at a dividing strip. At the same time there is no chance to avoid splashes of mud coming from vehicles passing by.

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