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Several streets flooded in Michurinsky

15:15 | 12.04.2018 | Communal Services


Penza, 12 April 2018. PenzaNews. Several streets, including Ozernaya and Zaozernaya ones, located at a high-water bed of the Penza river in the village of Michurinsky of the Penza region got flooded due to a sharp rise of water level.

Several streets flooded in Michurinsky

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As it was reported by head of the Michurinsky village council administration Lyubov Evdokimova, there are about 20 houses in the flooded area.

She noted that before the flood 500 sandbags had been delivered but the consequences of the flooding could not be avoided because, contrary to expectations, the water came from a new riverbed instead of the old one.

"Now I collect names and find out what exactly is flooded so that when water recedes we could take a formal note of what kind of damage was inflicted," the interlocutor said.

The head of the village council administration expressed hope that help will be provided even to those whose houses were not insured.

"We will have to restore the road as it has been washed away. It was constructed in 2013," Lyubov Evdokimova noted.

According to her, a similar situation was observed in 2012 but then the consequences of the flood were not so disastrous.

As it was explained by local residents, the flood began in the morning on Wednesday, April 11, but about noon water began to arrive so rapidly that some people did not have time to save hens and they died.

Electricity in the area of flooding has been cut off.

Police officers, workers of EMERCOM and the Penza fire and rescue centre work at the scene of the incident. Special equipment and boats are used.

The water level gradually lowers. In some places the water is still above the knee and it is impossible to pass even wearing rubber boots.

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