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Residents of Glazunova street sound alarm over dangerous pit near playground

17:42 | 04.05.2018 | Communal Services


Penza, 4 May 2018. PenzaNews. Residents of house No. 1 in Glazunova street are indignant over the inaction of representatives of the utilities, responsible officials and employees of supervisory bodies, which do not take adequate measures in connection with a dangerous traffic situation that occurred in their yard after conduct of excavation works.

Residents of Glazunova street sound alarm over dangerous pit near playground

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As one of local residents told PenzaNews, in early March, when the snow was still lying, a damage occurred on water supply system. To eliminate it, workers dug a trench across a yard road – from entrance No. 5 towards the playground – with an excavator.

"They removed a layer of asphalt, moved the soil aside. When the pipes were repaired they covered the appeared pit with frozen sand. It goes without saying that it sank over time," the interlocutor said.

The woman added that in general the residents treated the incident with understanding hoping that when weather becomes favourable the road would be restored but the expectations were not met.

"On April 18 the following situation was observed: a truck arrived and emptied a pile of crushed stone, then a tractor with a bucket levelled the surface as best as it could," the resident of the house in Glazunova street explained.

She drew special attention to the fact that the organization that conducted the work had not notified anyone about it in advance: as a result, the cars parked near the building, which could easily be removed by drivers, impeded with tractorist's work.

According to the woman, before the May holidays a pit formed at the place of excavation works and no measures were taken over the last week to ensure safety of pedestrians and drivers – the site was not fenced.

The PenzaNews journalist who assessed the situation on the site made sure that the road in the yard of building No. 1 in Glazunova street, did not meet the regulatory requirements. Not every car can drive along the road without touching it with its bottom or front bumper.

In total, the asphalt is missing on the plot of land of over 6 metres in length and about 2.5 metres in width. There is also a pit of about 20 cm depth.

A dangerous pit – over 1.5 metres long, 1 metre wide and 70 cm deep – is located at the place where road borders the lawn. Everyone including children who come here to play on swings can fall into the pit.

The territory between the location of excavation works and the children's playground is neglected: with the onset of spring, it was not cleaned and improved. A broken wooden bench lies nearby.

The tenants hope that the media coverage will help to resolve the issue fast in spite of approaching weekends and the upcoming holiday.

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