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Sergei Polyatykin: Disappearance of Olga Zelenina may be related to her occupation

10:07 | 16.08.2012 | Incidents


Penza, 16 August 2012. PenzaNews. Sergei Polyatykin, the medical head of the Russian charity foundation Say No to Alcohol and Drugs believes that the disappearance of Olga Zelenina, the head of the chemical-analytical laboratory of the Penza Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture, may be connected with her occupation.

“I dealt with the expert opinions of Olga Zelenina and communicated with her, so I can say that she is a high-level specialist. She is a good expert in plants, which are relevant to the judicial practice – poppy and hemp. I do not exclude the possibility that her disappearance is connected with this work,” said Sergei Polyatykin.

As reported earlier, on Wednesday, August 15, several people (some of them were masked and had weapons) raided the house of the expert Olga Zelenina. Later she was arrested for 48 hours. According to available data, Olga Zelenina is suspected of colluding with businessmen allegedly involved in illicit poppy cultivation.

Currently, her location remains unknown. The regional FDCS said they had not detained Olga Zelenina.

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