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Lawyer Natalia Andreeva opposes to new charges against Olga Zelenina

16:52 | 28.09.2012 | Incidents


Penza, 28 September 2012. PenzaNews. The head of the chemical-analytical laboratory of Penza Research Institute of Agriculture Olga Zelenina and her lawyer Natalia Andreeva do not agree with the new charges of power abuse.

Olga Zelenina

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“In fact, I do not agree with any charges,” said the lawyer of Olga Zelenina in an interview for news agency Interfax.”

According to Natalia Andreeva, the law-enforcement authorities corrected the charges by adding “power abuse.” “It's all about the same response on the content of opiates in confectionary poppy,” Natalia Andreeva explained.

She added that Olga Zelenina is still out of jail on her own recognizance with a condition not to leave the country, no new measure have been applied to her.

As reported earlier, on Friday, September 28, Olga Zelenina was officially charged with power abuse.

However, the head of the chemical-analytical laboratory of Penza Institute of Agriculture is still involved in the case in which she is charged with complicity in smuggling and preparation for illegal drug marketing in an organized group.

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