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Four nonresidents detained for attempt of illegal voting in Penza

13:07 | 15.10.2012 | Incidents


Penza, 15 October 2012. PenzaNews. Four people-nonresidents of Penza arrested when trying to vote illegally in the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region at a polling station No.47 in the center of clinical medicine “MedMix” on Virazhnaya St, 42 on Sunday, October 14.

According to the Head of Information and Public Relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the region Olga Evdokimova, the detained men explained that they took the ballot, voted for the party they were told, and received 200 rubles at the exit.

“At present, the detainees are taken to the police department No.1, where they testify on the case. The woman, who gave them ballots, remains silent using her constitutional right. The location of the fifth man, who paid for the illegal actions, has not been identified yet,” explained the agency interlocutor.

Earlier, the press service of the Penza regional committee of the Communist Party spread information about the fact that at polling station No.47 the member of the State Duma Yuri Afonin detained three “go-rounders,” but this information was not confirmed in the regional election commission and the observers’ station “For Fair Elections” in the Penza region.

Cruise voting (“Carousel” or “Merry-go-Round”) is a method of influence on the result of the vote connected with bribery of voters. The voter gets a ballot that he must put in the ballot box, and a new, clean ballot that he gets, he must hand in to the “carousel manager” for money or other valuable things. Clean ballots are filled in and given to the next voter.

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