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Prosecutor demanded Rostelecom to block websites with extremist materials

11:45 | 24.11.2014 | Incidents


Penza, 24 November 2014. PenzaNews. The prosecutor of the Penza region has ordered the director of the Penza branch of “Volgatelecom” Lev Dyatlov to rectify the violations of the current anti-extremism legislation.

“We found that the ISP Rostelecom allows free access to the websites with extremism materials. Among other points, we have found out several facts of web dissemination of multimedia materials that were branded by the court as forbidden. Among them are the book ‘The Mystery of Controlling the Mankind, or The Mysteries of Globalisation’ by Konstantin Petrov, and five videos – ‘Russian Resistance,’ ‘A Russia Backstabbed 1,’ ‘A Russia Backstabbed 2,’ ‘American Show’ and ‘They Deserve Death!’,” Yuliya Makarova, Senior Assistant Attorney of the Penza region in Media Relations, informed PenzaNews agency on Monday, November 24.

She explained the company must follow the legal limitations while providing digital access and prevent its clients from obtaining the banned data.

“However, Rostelecom did not block the access while having technical capabilities to do so. Currently, the prosecutor’s office is reviewing the address,” said the agency interlocutor.

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