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Penza convict feigned sickness on way to prison, tried escaping through car window

16:10 | 16.01.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 16 January 2015. PenzaNews. A 31-year-old Penza resident sentenced for 14 days for non-medical use of drugs, has made several unsuccessful attempts to escape from the drug police, not wanting to get into a prison sell.

Penza convict feigned sickness on way to prison, tried escaping through car window

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“In order to transfer the woman to the police, the drug control officers took her to a detention center at Lesnoy village. Having arrived there, she claimed she was sick and in need of urgent medical care. The officers summoned a medical emergency brigade and sent the woman to the hospital. The drug addict decided to run away from doctors on her way there, but did not manage to get away far enough. Suspecting that something was wrong in the prisoner’s behavior, the drug control officers decided to check whether she reached the medical facility and followed the ambulance. At the hospital, the woman said that her weakness cleared up on its own, and refused to be checked,” Elena Samorukova, Chief Expert of Information and Public Relations Group of Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation, told PenzaNews agency.

According to her, the woman was taken into the police car and brought back to the detention center, but on the way she made several attempts to escape climbing out of the window of the car.

“As a result, they delivered the convict to the destination at a great expense of time and effort,” the official added.

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