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Authorities found “Termodom” guilty of forging documents for orphan housing projects

09:37 | 26.01.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 26 January 2015. PenzaNews. The authorities of the Penza region have initiated a criminal case against the employees of “Termodom” construction company, who knowingly used forged technical certificates for apartment buildings with flats that would be provided to orphans.

Authorities found “Termodom” guilty of forging documents for orphan housing projects

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“In January 2014, the Penza region administration has signed a contract with ‘Termodom’ company for a purchase of 32 flats for orphans. However, these flats were found to be much smaller than the state-set minimum of 25 sq. meters, as written down in the official documents. Due to this fact, the state contracts were canceled in May 2014,” Yulia Makarova, Senior Assistant Attorney of the Region in Media Relations, told PenzaNews agency.

According to her, “Termodom” later on asked the regional administration to allow conversion of the flats in question with the aim to expand their size.

“After the procedure, the construction company has provided 32 technical certificates printed by the Technical Inventory Bureau. Using this information, the administration committee accepted the work done, and made amendments to the official contract. Therefore, the Penza region administration has signed 32 municipal contracts with “Termodom” for procuring said flats for orphans. However, the prosecutor’s office revealed there were no conversion works in reality and the data in the submitted documents was forged,” the spokesperson explained.

According to Yulia Makarova, the results of the investigation were submitted to the police. In return, the officials have initiated a criminal case under Part 3, Art. 327 of the Criminal Code, titled “Forgery, sales or distribution of forged state documents, awards, stamps, and blanks.”

“The prosecutor also addressed the head of the Penza region administration with a request to provide the orphans with required flats. A single state official has received discipline punishment. The prosecutor of the Penza region has submitted the information on the activities of the Technical Inventory Bureau staff, as well as erroneous documents to the prosecutor of the Leninsky area for an audit,” she concluded.

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