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Penza police prevented assassination

10:06 | 14.05.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 14 May 2015. PenzaNews. Two citizens of Uzbekistan – a woman, 26, and a man, 29 – came under the spotlight of the Penza police in a criminal case on attempted but prevented assassination of their compatriot, 42, who is currently living in Penza with his family.

Penza police prevented assassination

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The press service of the regional Ministry of the Interior department informed PenzaNews agency that the police received intel in April 2015 on a woman looking for a killer for hire who left Kaliningrad for Moscow.

“The intel was confirmed. The operatives established the identities of the person behind the planned crime and their accomplice – a woman and a man from Uzbekistan. They also established the identity of their potential victim, a man who has been working as a foreman at a Penza construction site for a long time,” the officials said.

According to them, the young woman was contacted by her acquaintance who asked to kill his friend, a former business partner. However, the woman failed to find a killer for hire in Kaliningrad and left for Penza together with her accomplice to see the murder come into motion with her own eyes.

“The police used this timespan to prepare a series of operations. When the woman arrived to Penza, a police officer contacted her and introduced himself as a killer for hire ready to take the job. During their meeting, the woman gave the alleged killer a pistol with ammo, a stunner, and two photos of the victim, and promised him a reward for 250,000 rubles, saying she will learn of the murder on her own,” the press service clarified.

Several days after the alleged murder, the undercover operative met with the woman for the second time, but received only the money for a trip back to Kaliningrad while the woman said the killer would receive the rest there. The woman and her accomplice were apprehended immediately.

The suspects have been placed under arrest and already heard their accusations, said Lyudmila Fomina, Senior Assistant of the Head of the Investigative Department of the city Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

“The police are gathering and registering the evidence. The investigation is ongoing,” she said.

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