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Two Penza teenagers jailed for trying to sell drugs

16:10 | 15.05.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 15 May 2015. PenzaNews. Two Penza teenagers, 17 will spend 3.5 and 2.5 years in a penal colony respectively after they were detained during an attempt to sell a batch of “spice” synthetic drug.

“The court and the investigation found that one of the teenagers agreed with an unknown person online to work as a drug stash refiller in January 2015, trying to earn big money from this illegal activity. Afterwards, he received a message that pointed at a location of a large batch of over 51 grams of ‘spice’ and 17 grams of ‘speed.’ He took the drugs and offered his friend, 17, to help him in distributing,” Lyudmila Fomina, Senior Assistant of the Head of the Investigative Department of the city Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, informed PenzaNews agency.

The jailed teenagers managed to successfully refill five secret stashes of “spice” in various areas of Penza city.

“They failed to complete their task, as they were detained by the Penza Federal Drug Control Service officers,” the speaker explained.

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