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Man illegally wearing police uniform detained in Penza

13:50 | 19.05.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 19 May 2015. PenzaNews. A drunk man wearing a police major’s uniform was detained on Okruzhnaya street in Penza.

“A man wearing the traffic police officer uniform was brought to the police office No. 4 in the evening hours. He failed to produce any documents that would identify him. The database search failed to locate a policeman with his surname. Since the man was heavily drunk, we failed to get any explanations from him,” police lieutenant-colonel Igor Bychenov, acting deputy head of police office No. 4, told PenzaNews agency.

The man is not a traffic police officer and was wearing his uniform after buying it in a store, he added.

“The detainee failed to explain why he wore the uniform. He said he liked how it felt and dreamt of being a military man all his life,” the speaker added.

The citizen will no face two administrative lawsuits, he noted: on being drunk in public, and on illegally wearing a police uniform.

“The uniform will be seized,” Igor Bychenkov promised.

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