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Penza police station illegally detained young mother for 4 hours

10:51 | 27.05.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 27 May 2015. PenzaNews. The illegal detention of a young mother in the police station No. 2 of Penza city on March 8, 2015, for over 4 hours, may lead to a criminal case for those responsible after the reports of prosecutor investigation were transferred to investigators.

Penza police station illegally detained young mother for 4 hours

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The woman in question had been brought to the station by traffic police officers for disobeying the orders, after which the officers wrote down a protocol on administrative detention, cousellor in justice Alexandra Konovalova, deputy prosecutor of the Oktyabrsky area in Penza city, told PenzaNews agency.

“The protocol has no listing of the items seized from the woman during the inspection. Moreover, the woman was inspected by male officers, which is a violation of the current legislation. She spent from 6.20 to 10.40 am in detention, but the protocol does not say when she was let go,” the speaker explained.

The woman had a passport that had a note on her being a young mother, which meant she could have not been legally detained, she said.

“The protocol also had no mention of the reasons for detention. The investigation shown that the woman was required to attend a court hearing on March 9, and the police had no information on her planning to avoid the hearing,” Alexandra Konovalova added.

As a result, a Penza resident ended up a victim of violation of her legal rights and interests and spent over 4 hours in detention without any reasoning.

“The head of the Penza city Ministry of the Interior department was instructed to rectify the violations. The guilty persons were subject to disciplinary punishment. Moreover, the report on violations may become the basis for a criminal case on Part 1, Art. 301 of the Criminal Code, titled ‘Illegal Detention, Taking into Custody, or Keeping in Custody’,” the deputy prosecutor in the Oktyabrsky area in Penza city concluded.

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