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Saratov activist Evgeny Shirmanov's car doused with chemical liquid in Penza

12:07 | 20.08.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 20 August 2015. PenzaNews. As Ilya Matushkin, Evgeny Shirmanov's associate informed, the unknown doused the car of Saratov activist, previously arrested for 10 days, with chemicals, corroding paint, near McDonald's on Lenin Square in Penza.

Photo: Youtube.com/evgshirmanov

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“I do not know what the substance — solvent or, as someone said, some special paint stripper. The car looks ugly. The paint of the entire left-hand side is spoiled — there is a video in VKontakte,” he said in the video posted on YouTube.

According to Ilya Matushkin, after the incident, an investigative team arrived at the scene, also there was Evgeny Shirmanov's lawyer.

“At the moment the car is safe, measures were taken for its safe removal from the square,” he explained.

Currently, the initiative group organized fundraising for food and water for Evgeny Shirmanov, as well as his lawyer's service fee.

In addition, the VK group covering Evgeny Shirmanov's activities, announced the search of participants and witnesses, as well as videos of the incident that occurred in Penza on August 15.

Also, they are still gathering signatures in support of the Saratov resident at Change.org. As of 12.00 Thursday, August 20, the petition was signed by 1,727 people.

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, On Saturday, August 15, Evgeny Shirmanov performing civilian monitoring of traffic police activities and widely publicizing the violations made by the officers, planned to meet with his supporters on Lenin Square in Penza at 20.00.

At 20.42 Vkontakte he posted that the police arrested him and “took to the police department for unknown reasons.”
On August 16, Nadezhda Ivanova, chief of media relations in MIA in the Penza region, informed PenzaNews agency that the day before, on Lenin Square, they detained a group of young people for committing an administrative offense under Part 1, Art. 20.1 of the Administrative Code “Disorderly conduct.” Three of them are the residents of the Saratov region.

Later it became known that Evgeny Shirmanov got 10 days of arrest.

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