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Zarechny resident to spend 1 year in prison for hitting policewoman

10:11 | 22.08.2015 | Incidents


Zarechny, 22 August 2015. PenzaNews. The verdict, according to which a resident of Zarechny of the Penza region, who hit a policewoman, is to spend 1 year in a penal colony, came into force.

“In April 2015, two police officers on patrol noticed a drunk man in Lubovina Street, who offended human dignity and public virtue by his appearance. Carrying out her duties, the policewoman asked him to proceed to the office on duty for filing report under Art. 20.21 of the Administrative Code “Appearance in public in a state of intoxication.” The offender was placed in the car. On the way, the man, expressing dissatisfaction with the legitimate actions of law enforcement officers, intentionally hit the female police officer on the head with the hand,” Natalia Bychenkova, press secretary of the Penza regional court, informed PenzaNews agency.

She added that the man admitted his guilt and agreed with the indictment in full, the case was heard in a special manner.

“Disagreeing with the verdict of the court of first instance, the convict filed an appeal, which was dismissed,” the agency interlocutor explained.

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