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Penza citizen fined 150,000 rubles trying to bribe way to “vanity” license plates

13:06 | 29.10.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 29 October 2015. PenzaNews. A Penza citizen, 26, was sentenced to a fine of 150,000 rubles for trying to obtain “vanity” license plates for two cars through bribing a policeman.

“The investigation and the court found that the man tried to bribe a traffic police officer of the Interregional Registration and Examination Department with 30,000 rubles while in the latter’s office to obtain license plate with same-digit numbers for tow cars owned by his acquaintances,” Lyudmila Fomina, Senior Assistant of the Head of the Investigative Department of the city Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, told PenzaNews agency.

According to her, the man failed to accomplish what he sought for as he was detained by the anti-bribery office for the regional Ministry of the Interior department.

“He fully confessed to the crime,” Lyudmila Fomina noted. She added that the sentence is yet to come into force.

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