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Governor: Investigators to find out every detail in Alexander Pashkov’s case

17:37 | 28.12.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 28 December 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev believes that the law enforcement will find out every detail in the case of fraud during the construction of the perinatal center in Burdenko regional hospital complex and provide a qualified evaluation of the activities of Alexander Pashkov, ex-mayor of Penza, former deputy chairman of the regional government, who was placed in custody during the investigation of the criminal case in question.

Governor: Investigators to find out every detail in Alexander Pashkov’s case

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During the meeting with heads and editors-in-chief of Penza media held in “Lastochka” hotel on Monday, December 28, Ivan Belozertsev reminded that he made his first visit to the construction site immediately after being appointed acting governor, and he already visited the area eight times so far.

“There was but a single objective: they were about 2.5 months behind the schedule – getting them back into the schedule to avoid any violations,” the head of the region explained.

According to Ivan Belozetsev, several issues were related to the lack of relevant documentation, which introduced additional difficulties in acceptance and salary payment processes.

“But we have some fixers who bring their companies right from the onset, during the procurement auctions, and ‘pull them through’ to siphon money through their schemes. I am not acquainted with these schemes, but this is bad and shameful. That is the truth,” the governor said.

At the moment, the construction is about a month behind the schedule, the governor explained.

“I wrote several letters to federal authority heads. I do not relent in bothering them, they help me from their offices, and we are building the perinatal center. As for the sum that somehow ended on other bank accounts, it will be returned by the investigative authorities, the court and the prosecutor’s office, and directed to the perinatal center construction and equipment procurement,” Ivan Belozertsev stressed.

The construction process of the perinatal center puts the Penza region in a beneficial position compared to other parts of Russia, he pointed out.

“And now, as for Alexander Vladimirovich Pashkov. He still has an active criminal record, doesn’t he? There must be an illness for that, mustn’t it? An illness, an outright illness. That is bad. And, of course, the authorities must do everything to stave such people away from such projects. Must stave them away, because he puts himself in a bad light, and the same with the people who entrusted him with following through with the project or manage it in some way, although he is not an official with responsibilities. It is a mystery for me how he got there,” Ivan Belozertsev pointed out, adding that “the law enforcement forces will get it sorted out.”

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