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Penza citizen detained for drunken ruckus while on plane

11:11 | 31.12.2015 | Incidents


Penza, 31 December 2015. PenzaNews. A Penza citizen was detained by the transportation police in the morning of Thursday, December 31, after getting drunk and causing a ruckus while on board of an “Ural Airlines” plane flying from Moscow to Chita.

Penza citizen detained for drunken ruckus while on plane

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Based on media reports quoting the witnesses, the passenger in question was behaving aggressively, shouting and insulting other passengers; he took offense at the attempts to prevent him from causing any further disturbance, claiming he is a “secret UN service” agent.

To ensure the safety of other people and prevent any accidents, the flight attendants, with the assistance of several passengers had to restrain the man in question and place him on the floor, face down, who in turn fell asleep shortly after.

After arriving to the Chita airport, the Penza citizen was transferred to the transport police. He now faces two administrative suits for drunk and disorderly conduct.

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