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Two teenagers blown up by homemade petard

12:46 | 24.11.2016 | Incidents


Penza, 24 November 2016. PenzaNews. Investigation is organized upon two injured teenagers of 2000 year of birth who were blown up by a homemade petard in Stepanovka village of the Penza region on Wednesday, November 23.

Two teenagers blown up by homemade petard

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“At 23.15 the police office received the information that two college students received leg injuries. It was discovered that at about 20.00 the young men made a petard from saltpeter and other substances, placed the highly explosive matter into a metal pipe, and closed its both sides with wooden corks. After that, one of the teenager started to drill the cork and the petard exploded,” the senior assistant of the head of the regional prosecutor for media relations Svetlana Artamonova told PenzaNews.

According to her, one of the teenagers explained that they had learnt the technology of petard construction from the Internet.

“Both teenagers were hospitalized to a medical institution. One of them was diagnosed with mine-blast trauma, avulsive wound of the shin and the right foot, thermic trauma of the red shin; the other one was diagnosed with mine-blast trauma, multiple open comminuted fractures, arterial venous bleeding, brain concussion, closed crainocerebral injury, eye blast injury,” the interlocutor specified.

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