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Penza taxi driver has epileptic seizure while driving

09:53 | 03.01.2017 | Incidents


Penza, 3 January 2017. PenzaNews. The Penza taxi driver who suffers epilepsy exposed lives of two passengers to danger: driving down the road along the Olimpiyskaya alley, he had an epileptic seizure, lost control over the car, which almost got into the oncoming lane.

Penza taxi driver has epileptic seizure while driving

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According to the PenzaNews information, the incident happened on Monday, January 2, at about 16.00.

A young couple ordered a taxi via a taxi service by calling +7 (8412) 90-60-90. The Renault Logan car with a number plate Р140АР 58RUS arrived.

At one moment the passengers felt that the driver started to behave inadequately – he stepped on the accelerator without changing gears holding tight the steering wheel.

After the cramps appeared, the man, without actually realizing it, turned the wheel in the way that the car started to go in the direction opposite to the main flow of the traffic.

The young man who was sitting on the passenger seat reacted fast and managed to drive the car to the right side of the road, which helped to avoid tragic circumstances.

By this time, the driver’s mouth started to bleed and it frightened the passengers even more. They were not ready for such course of events during a usual taxi ride. They called an ambulance and reported the incident to the manager of the taxi service, who sent another taxi car.

The doctors who arrived to the scene of the incident helped the driver – the cramps vanished but for some time the man remained out of his mind and could not realize what happened.

According to the available information, the passengers of the taxi do not exclude the possibility of turning to court with the claim about the compensation of the moral damage because of the endured stress and to the controlling authorities in order to organize examination of drivers before giving them permission to work.

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