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Seven people who die in car crash near Saratov are citizens of Kyrgyzstan

10:40 | 15.01.2017 | Incidents


Penza, 15 January 2017. PenzaNews. The seven people, who died as the result of the collision of the minivan with the car that was going from Penza to Saratov, were citizens of Kyrgyzstan who came to Russia to work. This was reported by RIA Novosti with the reference to Denis Fadeev, head of the Petrovsky area of the Saratov region.

Seven people who die in car crash near Saratov are citizens of Kyrgyzstan

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"Seven citizens of Kyrgyzstan, who according to the preliminary information came to Russia to work, were inside the Toyota minivan that was driving from Saratov. They crossed the border [of Russia and Kazakhstan] yesterday evening through the border crossing point "Ozinki". Unfortunately, seven of them died. They are in the morgue of the town of Petrovsk," he specified.

Previously, the EMERCOM of Kyrgyzstan reported that at least five citizens of the country died in the traffic accident.

As it was reported earlier, on the night of Sunday, January 15, near the village Tarumovka of the Petrovsky area, at the "Nizhny Novgorod — Saratov" motorway, the car with a semi-trailer that was driving from Penza collided with the minivan. Both vehicles got into a ditch.

The driver and six passengers of the minivan died as the result of the accident.

The pre-investigation check, which is controlled by the prosecutor's office of the Saratov region, was organized on the accident.

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