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Penza public garden "45th meridian" damaged by vandals next day after its opening

12:50 | 13.06.2017 | Incidents


Penza, 13 June 2017. PenzaNews. The public garden "45th meridian", which had been solemnly opened at the intersection of Kulakova and Pushkina streets in Penza on the eve of Russia Day and City Day, June 11, suffered from actions of vandals. This was reported by the mayor Victor Kuvaytsev.

Penza public garden "45th meridian" damaged by vandals next day after its opening

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"The public garden '45th meridian' was opened on City Day and today in the morning I found out that someone rooted up a bench, littered the place, etc.," he said at the operational meeting that was held at the mayor's office on Tuesday, June 13.

According to Victor Kuvaytsev, the criminals will be identified with the help of recordings made by surveillance cameras.

"We will identify the violators with the help of the surveillance cameras, but of course we wish residents were more active in solving the issue. Residents could see and hear what was going on, they should have called the police. The public garden was created for local people," he noted.

As it was reported by the mayor's office press service, during the meeting Victor Kuvaytsev ordered heads of Penza areas to tighten control over the green areas and public gardens that are located in dependent territories.

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