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Bread falls out of truck on road in Penza

17:21 | 14.04.2018 | Incidents


Penza, 14 April 2018. PenzaNews. At least ten loaves of bread were scattered on a road as a result of the incident that happened in Prospekt Stroiteley street in Penza on Saturday, April 14.

Bread falls out of truck on road in Penza

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As reported by a witness, when driving along a roundabout near the shopping centre Olimp a door of the bread truck opened and bread fell on the roadway. However, the GAZel driver noticed something was wrong only in a few hundred metres thanks to not indifferent motorists passing by.

Some of them honked at the man who was driving the bread truck, others tried to draw his attention with gestures. Their efforts gave a positive result only at the next traffic light. Having closed the door the man speeded up to return quicker. To do this he had to turn at the next roundabout.

Having reached the place where the bread was lying on dusty asphalt the driver stopped the truck in the second lane and began to collect the product.

He took the loaves, which had no packaging, with the hands that were in household fabric gloves pressing some of the loaves to his body.

Then the driver placed them on trays inside the truck neighbouring good bread.

The man tried to act quickly, but did not go unnoticed – dozens of cars passed by, whose drivers watched what was going on with interest.

When almost all loaves of bread were collected, the GAZel drove away. Only a crushed loaf of bread that remained on the asphalt reminded of the incident.

It is unknown if the fallen out bread gets on shelves of shops.

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