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Rostelecom “Web Conference” service brings together forum speakers from Penza, Amsterdam

14:23 | 23.03.2016 | IT


Penza, 23 March 2016. PenzaNews. The Rostelecom “Web Conference” service helped to organize a teleconference with the renown German business-maker Jan Krückemeyer in Amsterdam during the second regional conference “Crisis Response Technologies 2016-2017. Russian Business: Survival Chronicle Or Growth Spurts?!” held in Penza on Tuesday, March 22.

Rostelecom “Web Conference” service brings together forum speakers from Penza, Amsterdam

Photo by press service of Penza branch for Rostelecom

Thanks to the service provided by Rostelecom, the business forum participants were able to ask questions directly to the owner of a family business in abrasive materials and adhesive systems.

During the 40-minute teleconference, the business-maker from Cologne shared his successes.

The Penza businessmen learned about the system employed by the German company to select partners, dealers, products and implemented innovations under the influence of an unpredictable marker and ever-changing customer demand.

“We met with Jan Krückemeyer during our tour through German food enterprises. I offered him to take part in the forum, share his experience and make an online speech to the audience in Penza, and he eagerly agreed. We sent Jan the data required for connection just two days before the event,” Natalya Antonova, executive director of the research and practical assistance center “Maximum,” commented on the event.

According to her, the “Web Conference” service by Rostelecom frequently helped “Maximum” organize its business events.

“Crisp video stream, quality sound and ease of use once again reaffirms this service as a reliable business solution for online teleconferences. Our company has been using ‘Web Conference’ for the second year in a row for quickly communicating with our remote staff members to prepare workshops and trainings,” she said.

In turn, the director of the Penza branch for Rostelecom Lev Dyatlov pointed out that the service provider is always open to offers of fruitful cooperation.

“I am pleased to see that the ‘Web Conference’ service is used not only for the company’s internal business activities, but also as a reliable teleconference solution for large regional forums,” he stressed.

The Rostelecom “Web Conference” service requires a minimum of necessary hardware and software equipment – just a state-of-the-art PC or laptop with an installed plugin.

The plugin in question is provided by the company, and must be installed shortly before the teleconference.

After signing up for the service, the client receives a login and a password for their account on a dedicated communications server.

A teleconference may involve up to 50 users at once, regardless of their current location.

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