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Yota service provider decreases offer prices in Penza region

09:58 | 27.04.2016 | IT


Penza, 27 April 2016. PenzaNews. Yota, a federal mobile telecom service provider, has decreased the prices of its smartphone offer by an average of 35% in 71 Russian regions, including the Penza region, with some local offers reaching a discount of 70%, the company’s press service informed PenzaNews.

Yota service provider decreases offer prices in Penza region

Photo: Yota.ru

“As of now, Yota clients in Penza can enjoy service packages for smartphones which include from 200 to 2,000 minutes of outgoing phone calls to stationary phones and mobile phones of other operators. The calls between Yota phones inside Russia will continue to be provided at no charge regardless of the call duration,” the company explained.

According to the press service, the renewed service package line also includes a no-bandwidth-limit Internet access and free roaming across the whole Russia regardless of the client’s location, in addition to optional choice between by-item or unlimited text messaging.

According to Yota’s chief operations officer Vladimir Dobrynin, this is the final stage of price decrease and offer expansion in the company’s packages.

“In the past, we decreased the prices of smartphone service packages in 39 Russian regions, including Moscow and the Moscow regions. Our clients responded to that with a very positive reaction. Before making the decision, we analyzed the demands of local users in each region and expanded the packages as necessary with local clients’ demands in mind,” he explained.

The clients are free to change their service package using the “Change Service Terms” option in the Yota mobile app.

Yota services the Skartel-MegaFon united federal mobile network. It sells mobile telecom access directly to residents of 75 Russian regions.

Yota a Russian telecom company and one of the federal wireless telecommunications service providers. It focuses on voice telephony and unlimited 4G Internet access.

Founded in 2007, Yota is currently one of the leaders in wireless broadband data access in the whole world.

Yota was the first company to offer high-speed 4G mobile internet access using the WiMAX technology, and also the first to construct an LTE mobile network in Russia.

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