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MegaFon clients to enjoy Internet abroad at affordable prices

15:46 | 26.05.2016 | IT


Penza, 26 May 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza clients of MegaFon are now able to enjoy Internet roaming services at affordable prices – as low as 4 rubles per megabyte – as part of the large-scale tariffs change that takes effect on June 6.

MegaFon clients to enjoy Internet abroad at affordable prices

Photo by MegaFon press service

The new change will require no additional actions from the client to take effect, and will activate as soon as they cross the Russian border, the press service for the Volga branch of MegaFon informed PenzaNews.

“The clients will be able to choose between the new offer, and the usual options ‘Internet Abroad’ and ‘Vacation Online’ which will remain. Through the modified tariffs, MegaFon clients will be able to make use of Internet traffic packages that will be available at lower prices. In particular, the 65 Mb package in Europe and CIS zones will cost only 260 rubles per day; the Popular Countries zone package of 50 Mb – 350 rubles per day; and 10 Mb in Other Countries zone will cost just 400 rubles per day,” they clarified.

After the package runs out, each of the first 10 megabytes of overflowing traffic will cost 4 rubles for Europe and CIS zones, 7 rubles in Popular Countries zones, and 40 rubles for Other Countries zones.

“After the overflowing traffic limit runs out, Internet access will be blocked until the end of the day. The ban will be lifted in 24 hours since the last online access, at the client’s text message request, or through the Personal Account settings,” the Volga branch of MegaFon informed.

According to Leonid Savkov, marketing director of MegaFon, the May holidays showed new records of roaming Internet traffic in the telecom provider’s client base.

“It grew by 15% in May 1-10. Even though the overall foreign tourism rate is decreasing, the Internet roaming demand increases steadily. We are making changes in the Internet roaming pricing right before the summer holidays: now our clients will be able to chat in the social networks, share photos and videos more without overpaying for that. We tried to consider every detail to help our clients remain truly close to others and share their emotions during travels abroad,” he stressed.

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