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Founder of CallbackKILLER service shares secrets of successful enterpreneurship

16:30 | 16.02.2017 | IT


Penza, 16 February 2017. PenzaNews. Hard daily work is an indispensable condition of successful enterpreneurship. Such opinion was expressed by the founder of the service CallbackKILLER Alexei Molchanov, who visited Penza as a speaker of the interregional conference on promotion of companies on the Internet.

Founder of CallbackKILLER service shares secrets of successful enterpreneurship

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"Every day you should direct all your intellectual energy at your business. There are no other secrets – you simply have to work," the interlocutor said.

The founder of the service CallbackKILLER said that complete devotion to business is an important element of the productive work.

"You should live with it. Tastes differ. [...] An entrepreneur should always think about their business. It is intellectual work that must be done every day. Then, you will succeed," he added.

Alexei Molchanov noted that one should not forget about predisposition to entrepreneurship.

"I think, some people have the special skill while others do not. But of course a person who has the right skills but does not develop them will not be successful," the interlocutor specified.

He said that in order to develop useful qualities one has to devote themselves to their business and to get as much information as possible.

"Entrepreneurs differ [...] from other people by a constant search and learning new things. Entrepreneurs gain experience and generate new ideas. In fact, all our services are the product of what we create on the basis of our past experience," Alexei Molchanov said.

He added that the result of the company is based on concentrated experience of people but not on using other people's ideas.

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