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Penza governor criticizes work on popularization of electronic state services

15:16 | 10.07.2017 | IT


Penza, 10 July 2017. PenzaNews. The governor Ivan Belozertsev severely criticized the work of the first deputy chairman of the Penza regional government Andrey Kulintsev and the head of the information technology and communications department of the region Alexei Kostin on popularization of receiving state and municipal services via Internet.

Penza governor criticizes work on popularization of electronic state services

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“You can be brilliant lecturers, for example, in high schools, or teachers and department chairs. You can become doctors of science right away – make no mistake. Kulintsev helps you from his seat. You say that many people don’t even know that such services are available electronically. I have a question to ask. ‘What are you with Andrey Anatolievich, your department, your staff for?’”, the head of the region said addressing to Alexei Kostin, who gave a report during the meeting with the heads of the city and municipal areas administrations, held in the Penza region government via video conference on Monday, July 10.

He asked why the officials do not convey to the public through media that it is convenient to receive state services electronically.

In response, Alexei Kostin argued that he recently spoke on the subject on the radio.

However, Ivan Belozertsev expressed the opinion that the efforts made are not enough.

“There is no result. […] The result is getting indicative rates. The result is us being in the top ten regions of the Russian Federation,” the governor said.

He also suggested that a survey be held to find out why people do not receive state services electronically.

“They probably don’t know how. Suggest ways to change that,” Ivan Belozertsev demanded.

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