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Participants of media tour organized by "Rostelecom" see "House of Veronika's" telecommunication support

16:51 | 30.08.2017 | IT


Penza, 30 August 2017. PenzaNews. Participants of a media tour organized by "Rostelecom" saw how the active boarding house for young people with disabilities "House of Veronika" in Penza is provided with telecommunication support.

Participants of media tour organized by "Rostelecom" see "House of Veronika's" telecommunication support

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In addition to local journalists, the unique centre was visited by the editor-in-chief of the Bryansk news agency Gorod_24 Igor Klimov and the Saratov blogger Valentina Semenova.

The director of the centre for wheelchair-bound people "Kvartal Louis", chairman of “Blagovest” public organization, initiator of the project "House of Veronika" Maria Lvova-Belova conducted an excursion for the guests of the boarding house.

She described how the idea to create the boarding house appeared, introduced its inmates and showed rooms they live in.

In turn, the press secretary of the Penza branch of PJSC "Rostelecom" Alexei Makarov explained how the operator took care of the project's telecommunications components.

He drew a special attention to the fact that all necessary infrastructure was installed at the stage of construction.

"We synchronized installation of communication lines with the construction, that is why the result is so good. We hid the communication lines in the walls so that they remained invisible to inmates of the boarding house, and also brought out certain wires – for Wi-Fi routers and cameras," Alexei Makarov said.

According to him, specially for "House of Veronika" professional Wi-Fi routers that are used by large chain hotels were purchased.

"Two routers were installed on each floor. Each of them is a separate access point," the press secretary of the Penza branch of PJSC "Rostelecom" specified.

As it was noted by Maria Lvova-Belova, the telecommunications system plays an important role in the work of the institution.

She explained that two inmates of "House of Veronika" would start distance learning in the 10th grade that year and for this purpose computes had been set up in a special way.

"There is no possibility for inmates of a children's home to go the 10th and 11th grades. We compensate this," Maria Lvova-Belova said not excluding that in the future, the disabled children will continue education in a university.

In addition, the journalists and the blogger saw the hostel, which had already started to receive guests – members of the Danilov monastery's choir were among its first visitors.

The head of the public organization informed that efforts were made to popularize the hostel "House of Veronika". In particular, it is possible to book a bed or a room on the websites Booking.com and Ostrovok.ru. It is also planned to create an audio advertisement recorded by residents of the boarding house and to broadcast it on the radio.

In continuation of the topic of high-tech solutions that help the boarding house, Alexei Makarov noted that the hostel's reception area was connected to a fixed phone service using the SIP-technology, and that the floors were equipped with CCTV cameras.

"Within the cloud service IP-surveillance it is possible to monitor objects remotely, being in another city or country. And there is no need in a hard drive – the information will be recorded on "Rostelecom's" could servers," he explained.

As it was noted by Maria Lvova-Belova, the function had already helped her on her travels.

The media tour finished with an informal talk, during which further development of "House of Veronika" was discussed.

According to Alexei Makarov, "Rostelecom" workers plan to conduct several workshops in the boarding house, such as workshops on handmade greeting cards and cake preparation.

Sharing impressions from what she saw, the blogger from Saransk Valentina Semenova said that "House of Veronika" had impressed her greatly the same as the outstanding work Maria Lvova Belova carried out within the project.

"I admire the person who created all this," she noted.

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