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Results of 48-hour hackathon HackDay summed up in Penza

11:30 | 30.10.2017 | IT


Penza, 30 October 2017. PenzaNews. Results of the 48-hour hackathon HackDay were summed up during a final demo test that was held at the premises of the rollerdrome in the Olimpiysky park in Penza.

Results of 48-hour hackathon HackDay summed up in Penza

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As it was noted by Maxim Semenkin, chairman of Secon software developers association of the Penza region, creative atmosphere prevailed at the ground during the whole IT-marathon.

"It can easily be felt. I came to the ground at night and it was obvious that the work was in full progress," he said.

In turn, the governor Ivan Belozertsev, who became an honorary guest of the hackathon, thanked IT-companies for being active and promised to provide further support to the industry including through budget allocations for such activities.

"We need our specialists to be able to create software so that we are independent of western IT companies. I see that the youth engaged in the sphere becomes numerous and more active. [...] As a governor I am pleased that more and more IT products are created in the region," the head of the region noted.

He presented letters of gratitude to the general director of the company Tortuga Sergei Voyachek, the technical director of the same firm Sergei Paramonov, the general director of "Oblachnye resheniya" (Cloud Solutions) Vyacheslav Epikhin and the deputy director of the organization CodeInside Maxim Zaytsev.

A certificate of merit was also presented to the CodeInside general director Maxim Semenkin.

The Galileo team was the first to present its project. It consisted in managing a virtual 3D Earth model with gestures – its reduction and rotation. When the jury asked whether it was possible to see Penza, the presenter of the project was not taken aback and pointed to his heart causing thunderous applaud of the audience and honorary guests of the event.

Altogether 37 different projects from different towns and cities were presented to the jury.

Presentation of each of the projects was strictly time regulated but it took about 4 hours in total to present all the ideas.

After the demo test, while the jury was summing up the results, the participants watched a fire show. At the end of the performance, a logo of the HackDay hackathon was lit and many young people took photos with it as mementos.

Then, the winners were announced.

In the category Entertainment the mobile game "Vzhuh!" (Whoosh!), which gives an opportunity to become a sorcerer, was named the best. An accelerometer and a microphone in a smartphone allow recognizing the "spells" and using the device as a magic wand.

"Live Pictures" was chosen the best start-up. The developers created children's colouring books that could be scanned after which the pictures would appear in 3D space and be able to move.

In the nomination Tech the winner became the first-person multiplayer shooter Voxel Moxel, which does not have the notions of "up" and "down" but the action takes place in all planes inside of a cube.

The development RatBox was named the best in the category Hardware. It represents an automated cage for laboratory mice that shows the temperature and humidity, cleans itself, gives rats the amount of fodder they need and is capable of measuring the animals' weight. It does not need a direct contact with the experimental animals, which reduces the risk of error in the research.

The project Print Secure became a winner in the nomination Hack. It represents a clip to improve 3D printer work, which eliminates the most common causes of device failure, for example, it cleans a plastic cartridge thread.

Another nomination was introduced by the company Tortuga in honour of its eighth birthday. According to the firm's technical director Sergei Paramonov, a winner would be selected online based on the results of project code reviews.

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