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MegaFon reminds of children's safety on Internet

12:16 | 05.06.2018 | IT


Penza, 5 June 2018. PenzaNews. MegaFon reminded parents of Penza school pupils, who have summer holidays, about the services ensuring safety of children when using the Internet.

MegaFon reminds of children's safety on Internet

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As it was stated on the company's website, the service Parental Control gives an opportunity to keep track of where the child is, to manage the settings of their phone and control access to websites.

To use the service one should log in to the Parental Control website and to create a child's profile using prompts. After obtaining an agreement to manage a telephone the profile will be activated.

Parents can determine areas on a map – for example "school" or "house" – and receive notifications when a child enters or leaves it.

In addition, using a free Android application parents can monitor the battery and balance of the child's telephone, they can control sound and Internet on the device remotely as well as receive more accurate geo-data.

The service Children's Internet operates on the basis of black lists that include the websites forbidden by Roskomnadzor as well as the websites that came in sight of public organizations and the provider. The list of prohibited websites consists of more than 500 million websites and is updated daily: 100,000 websites are added to it every day.

The service package includes not only safe search but also the exclusion of the websites posing virus threat for the computes, morphological analysis and the possibility of removing search advertising.

Enhanced protection is achieved through double filtering of DNS queries and http-traffic, which allows blocking dangerous resources and certain unwanted content of a website, such as banners, advertising, and queries without refusing access to it entirely.

In addition, the specialists of MegaFon recommend that parents should take care of the protection of a mobile device itself installing the antivirus ESET, which can be used on an Android smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

Representatives of the provider also advise to tell children about the ways to stay connected all the time. For example, if a child runs out of money on the balance, they can call at the expense of their parents. To do this, they should dial three zeros, then the subscriber's number starting with the digit 9.

In addition, it is possible to enable the service auto-payment so that the child always has money on the balance. To do this one should establish a minimum threshold and the sum of replenishment – for example 100 roubles when there is only 30 roubles left.

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