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Penza “Biomed” cluster representatives to study 3D prototyping for medical devices

16:23 | 09.03.2016 | Medicine


Penza, 9 March 2016. PenzaNews. The Penza technopark “Rameev” began a seminar on 3D prototyping of elements and assembly components with Kompas-3D software suite for technical and design engineers of “Biomed” cluster enterprises on Wednesday, March 3.

Penza “Biomed” cluster representatives to study 3D prototyping for medical devices

Photo: Clustercenter.ru

The seminar will last through March 18.

It aims to teach the basic skills of solid modeling, creating detailed and assembly blueprints, building a 3D model out of flat projection blueprints, and designing elements and components using Kompas-3D.

Reportedly, the education course will conclude in hands-on prototyping of a new medical device for import replacement.

The seminar, which is organized with the assistance of the Center of Cluster Development, will improve the skills of Penza medical R&D professionals, said Alexei Vertaev, head manager of the company “Endocarbon.”

“Nowadays, the enterprises of ‘Biomed’ cluster can make use of modern cutting-edge hardware and software. The new upgrade queue of ‘Rameev’ technopark will feature expensive equipment for prototyping and producing medical devices that are on par and even surpass international competition,” he said.

Because of that, staff skills must increase in accordance with the complex objectives they will be facing in order to produce new medical devices, Alexei Vertaev pointed out.

“After the seminar, we expect our staff to begin using Kompas-3D, a state-of-the-art software suite, to design new medical devices for further mass production by the cluster enterprises,” explained the head manager of “Endocarbon.”

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