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Penza nurse Vera Polatova receives gratitude from Russian President

14:16 | 10.03.2016 | Medicine


Penza, 10 March 2016. PenzaNews. Vera Polatova, the nurse of the Penza polyclinic No. 1, has received the gratitude from the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Penza nurse Vera Polatova receives gratitude from Russian President

Photo: Health.pnzreg.ru

According to the order of the head of state, the gratitude is issued for her merits in development of healthcare, education of skilled professionals, and many years of commitment to work.

According to information published on the website of the Penza region Health Ministry, Vera Polatova hs a total employment service of 52 years, and her employment record in the clinic dates back to 1964.

Since then, Vera Polatova realized herself as a highly skilled professional with great theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for providing public first aid, who has mastered all kinds of medical aid, including ER.

Vera Polatova calculates individual inspection of people, identifying patients in need of home care or at risk of cardiovascular diseases, TB or oncology.

She actively works to facilitate early discovery and prevention of tuberculosis, organizes comprehensive medical inspections for the disabled and WWII veterans, as well as widows of war victims. Moreover, she is also skilled at using the ECG machine, breathing detection apparatus, and vision and hearing acuity detector, and can successfully perform all kinds of injections and physiotherapeutic manipulations.

Vera Polatova is engaged in emergency hospitalization, annual medical examination for working and retirement age people, and immunization, with her professional skills and great hands-on experience allowing her to maintain stable performance in her assigned area of work.

Vera Polatova treats her duties responsibly, follows the sanitary rules, sanitary, aseptic, antiseptic and tool sterilization regulations in the hospital, as well as recommendations that help prevent post-injection complications, hepatitis B and HIV.

To improve overall health level of the population, she actively advocates for healthy lifestyle and illness prevention measures, rational food regime and cold training, and invites the patients to participate in health groups.

A frequent speaker on relevant issues at nurse conferences, Vera Polatova is concise and attentive towards her patients.

She holds numerous certificates and letters of gratitude from the Penza city administration for great personal contribution to the public healthcare system.

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