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Next-generation angiograph for 60 million rubles appears in Penza hospital

18:34 | 08.12.2016 | Medicine


Penza, 8 December 2016. PenzaNews. The next-generation angiograph for almost 60 million rubles was bought for the Burdenko Penza regional hospital.

Next-generation angiograph for 60 million rubles appears in Penza hospital

Photo: Health.pnzreg.ru

As the press service of the regional Ministry of Health told PenzaNews, the medical diagnostics complex for patients with different vascular pathologies undergoes technical testing and will be brought into operation next week.

“Daily the regional vascular centre receives patients with suspected heart attack. Having the equipment readings, it is possible to diagnose vascular pathology and to take immediate decision on patients’ surveillance,” the head of the regional cardiovascular centre of the Burdenko clinical hospital Mikhail Krasnov said.

The medical institution already has the similar equipment, and it is used to carry out more than 5,000 roentgen-endovascular examinations per year, but the new model has improved technical characteristics and possibilities.

The complex is unique because it allows making pictures of the vessels, located in the vitally important organs, in the 3D format. Specialists can identify the reason of the illness development and save a patient’s life in a moment.

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