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Nutritionist: Healthy eating rules can be mastered by everyone

17:00 | 07.06.2017 | Medicine


Penza, 7 June 2017. PenzaNews. Each person who understands the importance of taking care about the body is able to master rules of healthy eating. Such opinion was expressed by the nutritionist of the Burdenko Penza regional hospital – the chief out-of-staff nutritionist of the regional Ministry of Health Dina Tuisheva.

Nutritionist: Healthy eating rules can be mastered by everyone

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"In fact, rules of healthy eating are not so complicated. It is possible to eat healthy choosing not very expensive products. If we are talking about fruit and vegetables, there is no need to choose something exotic and expensive. We can consume widely what is grown in our gardens, what residents can cultivate themselves," she said at the press conference that was held on Wednesday, June 7.

Dina Tuisheva noted that two factors matter: what people eat and how much they eat.

"Many of us prefer fatty, sweet food with a lot of calories to vegetables. Food habits should be changed. Our population does not like fish but they like fried and smoked stuff. These things do not belong to healthy food. If you take a fish, you can boil it or stew it, if you decide to cook a chicken – remove its skin and visible fat, stew it or at least bake it. Even if you fry it without oil, it will still be considered healthy food," the nutritionist explained.

According to her, food products of vegetable or animal origin produced in an ecological environment are more wholesome than those produced using chemical additives, growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides.

"Nowadays, we cannot check how much of these substances each product in a supermarket contains, that is why it is necessary to follow an easy rule – to choose fresh products of good quality," Dina Tuisheva summarized.

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