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Strukov: Penza scientists keep pace with the Americans when studying osteoporosis issues

18:34 | 22.06.2017 | Medicine


Penza, 22 June 2017. PenzaNews. For many years, Penza scientists engaged in the study of osteoporosis have kept pace with the Americans. This was stated by M.D. prof. Villory Strukov, head of the Paediatrics and Neonatology Department of Penza institute of advanced doctors' training, head of the Paediatrics Department of the medical institute of Penza State University.

Strukov: Penza scientists keep pace with the Americans when studying osteoporosis issues

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"In 1969, instead of calcium carbonate we suggested applying a more effective soluble calcium citrate," he said in an interview to PenzaNews, the full version of which will be available on Friday, June 23.

The professor added that another issue studied by the group of Penza scientists was connected with understanding how much vitamin D a human being needs.

"Many drugs contain too much vitamin D, which leads to serious damage of kidneys, vessels, development of calcinosis and hypervitaminosis D, especially in case of intake of vitamin D together with calcium carbonate. It is a heavy pathology, which cannot be treated completely. That is why we studied dosages for a long time so that they do not harm people," Villory Strukov said.

According to him, they also had to pay attention to hormonal state normalization, in particular, to solving the issue of testosterone shortage in women.

"The Americans were the first to start giving such women oestrogen. Basically, it gave a good result, but in a couple of years such treatment may lead to oncological diseases – breast cancer, for example. That is why the time of oestrogen use is behind. Further investigations proved that women who entered a postmenopausal period need androgens – testosterone and its analogues. If content of the hormones is insufficient, bones become osteoporotic and fractures occur. As a result of the discoveries, androgens came into wide use in the form of injections, plasters or gels. They had a positive effect on mineralization of bones but often resulted in complications. That is why the following question emerged: how is it possible to maintain a normal hormonal status of a woman at a menopausal age and to avoid complications? As testosterone is a strong stimulant, the USA abandoned its use and began to apply a soya hormone – genestein – as a substrate for synthesis of patients' own hormones," Villory Strukov explained.

At the same time, he said that the Penza team of scientists rejected the idea.

"It should be said that many baby mixtures contain soya but girls grow up and become childless. We conducted experiments – young mice fed with soya milk do not breed and die out. In Russia we add soya to milk formula till now. It is actually a terrible situation. That is why we decided to produce drone hormones. We use larvae for this. It is a complicated technology – to begin with, one had to get the juice, and only then – solids content, pure testosterone," the doctor said.

Villory Strukov made special mention of the fact that products of beekeeping have been known for a long time and are equally positively perceived by representatives of different religions.

"We were surprised having found out that we went with the Americans in the same direction. They used calcium citrate, vitamin D and a soya hormone, while we used drone hormones instead of a soya one," the interlocutor specified.

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