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Penza professor thinks drone brood must be more widely applied in medicine

17:06 | 23.06.2017 | Medicine


Penza, 23 June 2017. PenzaNews. M.D., prof. Villory Strukov, head of the Paediatrics and Neonatology Department of Penza institute of advanced doctors' training, head of the Paediatrics Department of the medical institute of Penza State University thinks that drone brood, which according to him has a unique composition, must be more widely used in healthcare.

Penza professor thinks drone brood must be more widely applied in medicine

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"Technologically it is very difficult to obtain drone brood, there are several patents in the process. One takes larvae and obtains drone hormones out of them. [...] Drone brood contains everything what is needed – vitamins and proteins. The composition is simply amazing," he said giving the report "Comorbid osteoporosis: new approaches to diagnosis and treatment" at the interregional scientific and practical conference "Topical issues of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients" dedicated the 40th anniversary of Penza institute of advanced doctors' training and held on Friday, June 23.

The professor also expressed an opinion that the hormones that drone brood contains are very much needed by women because they have 20 times less testosterone than men do.

Villory Strukov noted that a mother bee that lives 3-5 years feeds only on royal jelly, which is identical in composition to drone brood.

"Royal jelly has a similar composition to drone brood with the only exception – it contains more proteins. It is prepared by young bees. We can prescribe royal jelly to babies in a maternity hospital," he specified.

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