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Bone marrow autotransplantation planned to be conducted in Penza

18:07 | 24.07.2017 | Medicine


Penza, 24 July 2017. PenzaNews. Isolation wards for bone marrow autotransplantation are planned to be prepared in the hematology department of the Penza oncology dispensary clinic. This was announced by the chief doctor of the clinic Vitaly Serebryakov.

Bone marrow autotransplantation planned to be conducted in Penza

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“This method is popular among oncohematological patients, and to date there are only 14 such centers in Russia,” he told PenzaNews.

According to Vitaly Serebryakov, a bone marrow can only be transplanted during the remission of the disease.

“Due to the fact there is a waiting list for this procedure, many people simple don’t survive to get it. We plan to save 20 lives annually after the center is open,” the chief doctor of the oncology dispensary clinic said.

He added that four hospital wards with antibacterial environment are expected to be prepared.

“There will be no bacteria there, because to have bone marrow transplantation the entire immune system first needs to be suppressed. There should be ideal conditions to conduct transplantation,” Vitaly Serebryakov noted.

He explained that the financing for this project is planned to be provided by the presidential fund.

“Since we already have the design and estimate documentation ready, and it has been evaluated, we are included in the plan. The auditors from the Federal Treasure were here, we got their approval, the documents were sent to Moscow. As soon as we know the funding limits, we start an auction, find a contractor and prepare these wards,” the head of the institution said.

Vitaly Serebryakov added that the plans are to start being implemented in the current year.

He said that purchase of storage cases for their own stem cells is among other plans of the oncology dispensary clinic.

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