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Repairs of ophthalmology clinic building to start this year in Penza

17:25 | 14.08.2017 | Medicine


Penza, 14 August 2017. PenzaNews. Repairs of the building located at 32 Krasnaya street, Penza, where maternity welfare clinic No. 3 is located and which will be replaced with a regional ophthalmology clinic, will start in 2017. This was reported by the Minister of Health of the region Vladimir Stryuchkov.

Repairs of ophthalmology clinic building to start this year in Penza

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"It is planned that by a new year repairs will have been carried out inside the building and next year we will renovate the clinic from the outside," he said to Ivan Belozertsev during an on-site meeting that was held on Monday, August 14.

According to Vladimir Stryuchkov, 3,000,000 roubles were spent on preparation of the design specifications and estimates and 19,000,000 roubles were allocated for carrying out repairs in the current year.

The minister explained that in addition to admission of specialists it is planned to organize a day patient department.

"The whole area of the ground floor will be used as a reception desk, which will work according to a modern approach applied within the project 'Economical Clinic'," Vladimir Stryuchkov noted.

In turn, the head of the Penza regional ophthalmology clinic Rashid Galeev added that the ground floor would also have a large sitting area, a cloakroom and an open reception desk.

"The number of patients is large. There are about 100 beds in the day patient department and the clinic is designed for 180-200 people," he specified.

The chief physician explained that instead of a conference room on the ground floor it is planned to equip two ophthalmology emergency rooms.

According to the project, it is intended to equip four doctor's consulting rooms and a waiting area on the first floor, and operating theatres – on the second floor.

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