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Competition for best ambulance team held in Penza

13:26 | 17.08.2017 | Medicine


Penza, 17 August 2017. PenzaNews. Three Penza ambulance teams took part in the final stage of a competition during which medical workers had to provide the most competent and rapid emergency aid to victims of emergency situations or traffic accidents.

Competition for best ambulance team held in Penza

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The competition was held near a regional centre of medical preventive measures on Thursday, August 17.

The participants found themselves in a situation when they had to determine priorities after arriving to the scene of an incident. Among other things they had to prepare the injured to evacuation and to place them in a vehicle.

All required actions were performed by the doctors at the scene of a simulated traffic accident with a help of dummies that “received” injures of different degrees of severity.

The participants were assessed through a complicated system that took into account immediacy and correctness of medical assistance.

The director of the territorial disaster medicine centre of the Penza region Alexander Grishin explained that the competition involved only three ambulance teams from different areas so that it did not affect work of the service as a whole.

"We decided to make it like this because to withdraw teams from duty means to hinder provision of medical assistance to the population," he explained.

Alexander Grishin noted that the competition was conducted annually but that time it was held on a larger scale and contained several stages.

"In 2017 it is distinguished by the fact that before the final stage we also held a theoretical stage and a cardiopulmonary resuscitation training conducted with a help of dummies connected to a computer that shows whether the sequence of carried out actions is correct," the head of the institution specified.

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