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Penza ophthalmologist speaks about operation he performs first in world

16:21 | 19.09.2017 | Medicine


Penza, 19 September 2017. PenzaNews. The chief medical officer of the Penza regional ophthalmology hospital Ph.D Rashid Galeev described the first in the world operation on implantation of two crystalline lenses, which he had carried out within the conference Innovative Technologies in Ophthalmology Practice of the Regions in Astrakhan on September 15.

Penza ophthalmologist speaks about operation he performs first in world

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"There are two lenses in the eye: the cornea – a static lens that cannot be altered, and the crystalline lens, which we can change. The breakthrough we made in Penza in due time inventing the so-called volume-filling lens allows insertion of another crystalline lens in a shell of the old one. By doing so we can create a telescopic system in the eye," he explained at the briefing in the ophthalmology clinic on Tuesday, September 19.

Rashid Galeev noted that using the technology the initial eye lens allowed looking in the distance, and the eye lens with an aperture and an additional lens allowed seeing close objects.

"The second eye lens also performs the function of an aperture, [...] which decreased light diffusion and improved the depth of field. Moreover, we implanted an additional plus lens there, which was required for the second focus on close objects," the ophthalmologist specified explaining that the special feature of the second crystalline lens distinguished that operation from the one carried out in 2014.

The doctor noted that during the conference he had demonstrated the opportunities performing the operation on a woman whose one eye saw quite well, and the other – less than 10% due to a combination of cataract and retinal degeneration. According to him, the implantation lasted 15 minutes.

"Now she can see 60-70% but in a week her eyesight must fully recover," Rashid Galeev added.

He also specified that the test of the method had been carried out in Penza about 1.5 years ago and the first patient could see without glasses at that moment.

"The eye lens we implanted decreased the risk of the development of such complications as retinal detachment," the chief medical officer noted.

According to the specialist, it was too early to speak about wide practical application of the method.

"The operations are carried out for the future, so that people with the eye lenses live happily for the rest of their lives. The standard here as a rule is a five-year post-operative observation in order to ensure that there are no serious complication and anomalies during this time," Rashid Galeev explained.

He clarified that the patent for the operation was in process of registration.

In turn, the developer of the innovative eye lens, head of the ophthalmology department of the Penza institute of advanced doctors' training Sergei Kuznetsov noted that the concept was a result of 10-years' work.

"We practically return the eye to the condition of that of a young person. This crystalline lens helps to see well objects located close and at a distance preserving the eye anatomy," he explained.

According to Sergei Kuznetsov, the operation would become even more in demand in the future.

"Basically, the lenses were designed for young and working people – it is very important for them to be able to see at different distances," the specialist said.

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