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Presidential plenipotentiary envoy assesses facilities of new perinatal centre in Penza

13:57 | 01.02.2018 | Medicine


Penza, 1 February 2018. PenzaNews. The presidential plenipotentiary envoy in the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich assessed facilities of the new perinatal centre in Penza during a business trip to the city on Thursday, February 1.

Presidential plenipotentiary envoy assesses facilities of new perinatal centre in Penza

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The presentation started in the hall of the building.

The deputy minister of health of the Penza region Oksana Chizhova informed the guest that from the day of putting the building into operation in November 2017 to January 31, 2018, 734 babies had been born in the institution.

She specified that about 20 babies are born in the centre per day.

"Neonatal surgery is developed in the centre. Over a short period we have performed two surgeries to new-born children immediately after delivery, [...] in order to eliminate diseases," the deputy minister noted.

According to Oksana Chizhova, the deputy chairman of the Russian Federation government Olga Golodets instructed to give an incentive to doctors of the Penza region for the fact that not a single woman in childbirth had died in the region in 2017.

In continuation of the trip around the institution Mikhail Babich visited the gynaecology department and the pathologic pregnancy department on the fifth floor, after which he assessed work of medical workers on other floors. At the same time doctors continued to receive patients during his visit.

On the first floor the plenipotentiary envoy visited the department of assisted reproductive technology, which will be put into operation in the near future.

The chief doctor of the Penza regional Filatov children's clinical Maxim Bazhenov said that the department of in vitro fertilization is fully equipped and will soon start to work.

"About 350 infertile couples are under the care of our doctors. Even now they are undergoing examinations and preparing in the family planning centre. If it does start to work, it will be suggested that all subsidies of the Penza region should be used for this purpose. Women have the right to choose but we will certainly offer them better conditions," he explained showing operating rooms in the department.

At the end of the trip the plenipotentiary envoy visited the distance advisory centre, where the head of the department Vitaly Shchukin was holding consultation on the state of a new-born child via videoconferencing with a doctor from Kuznetsk, who assured that she received answers to all her questions and decided to send the baby to the perinatal centre with the help of air medical service.

This made Mikhail Babich surprised and he immediately asked how many aircrafts the Penza region has for this purpose.

Oksana Chizhova explained that the doctor from Kuznetsk had used an old term to describe an ambulance car.

"We are very compact. [...] We always get into the therapeutic window. The perinatal centre has separate mobile medical teams – obstetric, rehabilitation and neonatal ones," she said noting that there is no need in air medical service in the Penza region.

In turn, Maxim Bazhenov drew attention to the fact that Rostech provided the centre with two reanimation ambulance vehicles Mercedes with modern equipment.

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