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Taking blood from finger with non-contact puncture starts in Penza

14:16 | 23.05.2019 | Medicine


Penza, 23 May 2019. PenzaNews. A laser perforator worth 100,000 roubles and produced in Troitsk was delivered to the Penza regional clinical blood centre.

Taking blood from finger with non-contact puncture starts in Penza

Photo: Health.pnzreg.ru

The equipment is designed for non-contact puncture of the finger skin by means of a focused laser radiation when taking samples of capillary blood for analysis. When contacting the skin, the beam forms a microchannel. It is important that its surface has a smooth structure, which provides good healing.

"The general blood test with a preliminary definition of a group is an integral part of laboratory examinations of donors. This type of examination is accompanied by an unpleasant invasive procedure for a person – a puncture of a finger with a scarificator to obtain peripheral blood," Inna Gordyushina, head of the clinical diagnostic laboratory of the Penza regional clinical blood centre, explained.

She said that the laser perforator would make the procedure less painful.

"After blood tests carried out with a scarificator or a lancet it took 1.5-2 hours for the skin to get healed, whereas now it takes 30-40 minutes. Some donors have already experienced the equipment and want to have blood tests made only with its help," Inna Gordyushina said.

According to the press service of the regional Ministry of Health, today the laser perforator is the only such device in the Penza region but in the future it is planned to purchase another one for a mobile medical team.

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