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Preliminary results of elections to Legislative Assembly of Penza region presented

08:00 | 15.10.2012 | Politics


Penza, 15 October 2012. PenzaNews. The preliminary results of the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region of the fifth convocation, held on Sunday, were summed up by Monday morning, October 15. By 9.00 a.m.100% of protocols received from 1,099 polling stations were processed. According to the correspondent of news agency PenzaNews from the regional election commission, 48,72% attendance was registered in the Penza region.

Preliminary results of elections to Legislative Assembly of Penza region presented

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The party United Russia got 70,64% of votes, the Communist Party — 12,52%, LDPR — 4,61%, Fair Russia — 2,87%, Communists of Russia — 2,69%, Pensioners’ Party — 2,20%, The Green — 0,89%, Apple — 0,73%, People's Party — 0,37%, The Just Cause — 0,33%, and Democratic Party — 0,27%.

In all single-seated constituencies the representatives of the party United Russia received the majority of votes: Nikolai Lukyanov (4,.24%), Vyacheslav Kosmachev (57,21%), Alexander Gulyakov (57,57%), Sergei Egorov (49,97%), Alexei Dmitrienko (47,34%), Dmitry Lavrentiev (62,85%), Vadim Supikov (73,52%), Sergey Baydarov (58,64%), Vladimir Edalov (86,22%), Boris Kulagin (84,68 %), Lyudmila Glukhova (84,53%), Sergey Vanyushin (82,31%), Alexander Lomovtsev (80,17%), Dmitry Petrov (79,95%), Rustyam Agishev (70,78%), Yuri Starkin (81,77%), Vladimir Kolesnikov (69,69%) and Vladimir Kirillov (51,03%).

As reported earlier, in 2012 the number of members of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region increased from 25 to 36 people.

The parliamentary elections were held in the region on a mixed system basis: 18 members were elected according to the party lists, and other 18members — from single-seat constituencies.

421 candidates took part in the elections: 346 of them were from party lists representing 11 political parties, and 75 people were self-nominated.

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