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Media sources: Penza first deputy head Lyudmila Kipurova plans leaving office

13:10 | 07.10.2014 | Politics


Penza, 7 October 2014. PenzaNews. Lyudmila Kipurova, first deputy head of the Penza administration on land distribution and urban development that is currently on vacation, may soon voluntarily resign from her position, says the article “Kipurova is leaving” published in the newspaper “Ulitsa Moskovskaya.”

Lyudmila Kipurova, first deputy head of the Penza administration

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The newspiece authors also suggest that Lyudmila Kipurova’s assistant Svetlana Artamonova will also potentially not return to her post after the vacation.

“The experts link Kipurova and Artamonova’s resignations to the searches in their offices. According to the ‘UM’ analysts, the police might already have assigned the criminal cases to each of them. As one of the ‘UM’ sources reports, Lyudmila Kipurova’s house has also been searched: however, this information has not been proven,” the article says.

It also notes that Lyudmila Kipurova, who has been working as the first deputy head for more than 6 years, was “not liked by the builders and the architects” at first, but “everybody got used to her with time.”

An architect Sergei Skakov commented the news on Lyudmila Kipurova’s possible resignation from the mayor’s hall and called it a milestone event.

“Because an entire era leaves with Kipurova. I hope that the architects, not the lawyers, will be directing the urban development policies. Now we must unite and think on how we are going to live further in the new conditions, so that the urban development would take the opinion of the architects into account, and to preserve the dialogue between the government and the society,” he explained.

At the same time, his colleagues Marat Kaskeev recalled that Lyudmila Kipurova was one of the vital members of former Penza mayor Roman Chernov’s team.

“It so happened that lawyers came to rank the highest in the new administration structure in Russia. Being a professional, I am dissatisfied not by Kipurova of herself, but by the structure as a whole when the lawyers sit on the key places on all levels. This is wrong, because in the end they are only the advisors of the architects. First strategy, then tactics. And tactics were absent in the administrative decisions: only the tactics that, no doubt, followed the laws,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, an entrepreneur Sergei Gerasimov expressed his thought that Lyudmila Kipurova successfully completed her tasks.

“Always respected her and think of her as a high-class professional. And even if she, a lawyer, directed the urban planning, that was a forced situation that she did not wish for and where she did not want to work. But she had to, and did fairly well at this,” “Ulitsa Moskovskaya” quotes the businessman.

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